Your email must match the email that you registered on this site with. Your login to other websites will not work here. Be sure you add admin@cryptogoldfish.com to your contact list or address book in your email client so that it does not think it is spam. You may check your spam folder if you do not receive emails from us.
Its ok if you want to remain anonymous, so dont give your last name, but a nickname, or first name is required. If you are in Telegram chat, please use that username
(must contain the @ symbol, you can create a Telegram chat username in the Telegram chat app settings. Display name are not the same as usernames.) THIS IS REQUIRED. We will only withdraw if you have sent US A MESSAGE FIRST on Telegram to @CryptoGoldfish then filled out this withdrawal form. After you fill out this form, wait for us to reply to you on Telegram. If you have not messaged us on Telegram first, this will delay your withdrawal.
If you have USD or Goldfish, you must go to the CONVERT page in the top menu to convert, then come back to withdraw once it has been converted.
Do NOT simply try to type out your wallet address! Use the COPY/PASTE function within your TRX, GLDE,G GLDI, GLDS, XRP, BTC, CNR, or CNS wallet online. If you do not know how to copy/paste, then ask Google, BEFORE you fill out this form!