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Cost to play: FREE
Odds of winning:
Win 10 $CNR (1% chance)
Win 0.3 $CNR (65% chance)
Lose 10 $TRX (1% chance)
Lose 10 $CNR (33% chance)

Play our Crypto Wheel of Fortune game on this page where you can spin and you may win $CNR or Lose $TRX.
Cash out $CNR if your $TRX balance is 0 or greater at the time you fill out the withdrawal form and we check your account.* If your $TRX balance in this site’s wallet is under 0 $TRX then you must make it a 0 or positive number by buying $TRX in our shop or earning it in our games.
To cash-out/withdraw, click “Bank” then “Withdraw” and simply fill out the form. Withdrawals usually take 1-2 days.

To play this game, you must register and login.
$CNR is Centric Rise, a Binance Smart Chain (bep20) “rise-only” cryptocurrency token.

Rules and Disclaimer