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You can now purchase Centric Rise (CNR) tokens on this site! (To withdraw to the official Centric wallet or to a Tron blockchain wallet, click “bank” then “withdraw” and fill out the form. You will receive them usually within the hour or up to 24 hours. We are not affiliated with the Centric foundation in anyway.

You can also create your own virtual fish farm!
Buy our virtual GoldFish using the cryptocurrency of your choice (TRX, BTC). They will immediately start virtually “breeding” at the rate of 10% per month, and you will be able to cash out into the Centric Rise (CNR) tokens at anytime, where the CNR tokens will continue to rise on their own too! (Fish farms may be disabled for maintenance).

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No Purchase Necessary! You can earn FREE GoldFish every day simply by logging into this site and viewing our pages! Once you reach the minimum withdraw amount, then you can withdraw to the crypto of your choice, or convert them into another token on our site!

Now Hiring! We have an affiliate program also so that everyone can join and refer others to earn 5% commission in Centric Rise (CNR) tokens when your referral deposits Trx or buys these virtual fish and items! This means, you can actually earn a rise-only cryptocurrency (Centric Rise) without spending a single dollar of your own! There is a limit of 1 account per person on this site. If we find you have violated the 1 account per person, you forfeit all funds in your account.

Start your own Fish Farm!