Rules and Disclaimer

Play our Crypto Wheel of Fortune games where you can spin the wheel for free and you may win TRX, CNS, or CNR.

To play these games, you must register and login.

No withdrawals will be allowed unless your TRX balance is exactly 0 or greater. If you have a negative TRX balance, then we will NOT process any Centric Cash (CNS) or Centric Rise (CNR) withdrawals. This means, if you have negative 100 TRX and POSITIVE 100 CNR or 100 CNS for example, you MUST BUY 100 TRX from our shop so that your TRX balance is 0. Then, you can request the withdrawal of your CNS or CNR.

Buying TRX to get your balance out of the negative and back to 0, does not give you a chance to withdraw those TRX it took to get back to 0. You must maintain a 0 or greater balance of TRX at all times that you want to withdraw TRX, CNS, or CNR. You CAN withdraw positive TRX amounts. You CAN withdraw TRX if your CNS or CNR balance is negative, but you can not withdraw CNS or CNR if your TRX is negative. There are no withdrawal fees for CNR or CNR. Thanks for playing!

Contact @CryptoGoldfish on Telegram if you have any questions.

Cost to play: FREE
Odds of winning:
(Varies on different game pages).

We reserve the right to cancel, refund, or adjust winning amounts if we find a glitch or a hacker, or if Bitcoin, TRX, or altcoins suffer a drop in price of 5-10% in the last 24 hours, all the way up until the time you wish to withdraw so that the site is sustainable and remains profitable.

Centric Rise & Cash tokens bought or earned on this site will be held on this site until the Centric team launches the P2P feature. We are not affiliated with Centric, we are just going to use and honor their tokens 1:1 with the tokens on this site. We have purchased tokens and have set aside 1,000,000 Centric Rise (CNR) to pay out members’ withdrawals from
Centric Rise (CNR) is a rise-only Trc20 token on the Tron Blockchain, made buy Centric. Get a free account at